This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is “Smiles”.

Well, how could I POSSIBLY not enter this photo of Áine that I took on New Year’s Eve in San Francisco?  She was chasing me around Union Square and I snapped this.

I adore this photo.  This is my daughter – joyful, beautiful, innocent, amazing.  Her smile absolutely melts me.

“Best Face” 2010

This week’s I Heart Faces challenge is “Best Face”.  Well, I definitely think this one is my favorite “face” photo from last year.

I took this picture of Áine on Halloween. She was a dragonfly, and as you can see, quite a cheeky one at that 🙂

Pets – Jenny Dog

I’ve posted this picture here on my blog before, several years ago, but this week’s challenge at I Heart Faces is for pictures of pets only, so I wanted to enter my very favorite pet photo of all time.

I took this picture of Jenny back in the fall of 2007, just a couple months after we adopted her from the shelter. At the time I was so in love with this dog – she was sunshine and love rolled into a furry ball. She exuded excitement and joy, and at the point I was in my life, this was exactly what I needed.

Unfortunately Jenny doesn’t live with us anymore. She and our older dog, Daisy, just couldn’t get along and we ended up finding her a home with a rescue group we know and trust. We check on her often, and I know that she is living with a big family of dogs, with a leader who can give her exactly what she needs, but I do miss her sometimes, particularly when I look at this shot and remember how happy she made me.



Faces and Flowers

Here is my entry for this week’s I Heart Faces contest, Faces and Flowers. This happens to be my favorite little face doing one of her favorite things. Áine is big on smelling flowers these days – if she sees a flower she starts scrunching up her nose and making little sniffing sounds. So cute 🙂


Here is my entry for this week’s I Heart Faces challenge – Smiles.

This picture is from my first official photo shoot, of my friend Katie’s family. Katie and I have been friends since college, and she had Baby Z in February. I was lucky enough to get to take some pictures of their beautiful family. I think this photo says it all – Katie is so happy, Z has brought so much joy into her life.