Gotta Love the Internet

Have I mentioned how much I love my site meter? Most people find be because they are searching for pregnancy and fertility related stuff, but then there are the totally random ones. I get endless amusement from the weird ways that people find my blog.

For example:

Someone found my blog by googling “What happpened in Idaho in 2006”.

Well…a lot of things, I would think. Could you be more specific?

Someone else got here by searching for “rabbit is laying down, doesn’t move much”.

Bummer for the bunny. You, um, might want to take him to the vet or something.

sari - Friday, 27 April, 2007 - 13:03

Someone came to my blog today with this search: “How do I find out if my dog was run over in Pasadena?”

Poor dog. But weird.

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