Meet the newest member of our family:


She is a 4-5 month old pit bull mix, and we got her from the same shelter where we got Millie and Jethro. She’s very sweet and kissy, very exuberant and happy to have a home.

Her first meeting with Daisy did not go well. Daisy basically tried to rip her tiny throat out, but we were prepared for that possibility (Daisy is historically dog aggressive, but had been fine with Maggie), so we stopped it immediately. Then we called a dog trainer, Karen, that had been recommended to us, and she fit us in right away for a training session over at her house.

We brought both dogs over to her home, where the name of the game was “together but separate”. They were in the same back yard, but separated by a fence. We waited until they lost interest in each other, then brought them into the same part of the yard, but six feet apart on leashes, Karen the whole time shoving sausage into Daisy’s mouth. Then it was walking them down the yard together, a few feet apart. Then we went inside the house into Karen’s office, I sat in a corner with Daisy, Hawk sat on a couch about five feet away with Jenny. I was so proud of Daisy, she laid there like a good girl and barely paid attention to Jenny. It may have worked in our favor that it is so hot here today (about 110 degrees), because Daisy was pretty tired. By the time the session was over, we had them about five feet apart, both laying down and not paying any attention to each other.

Karen said to do basically the same thing at home for the next 2-3 weeks. Get them used to being around each other, but without direct access. After a few weeks, we’ll work with her again and go from there.

Karen said that we should have gotten a male dog, because it’s easier to have dogs of the opposite sex. But Daisy got along great with Maggie, and I think that this will work, we just have to be patient. Plus, there’s no way we could have walked out of that shelter without Jenny once we met her and played with her. She is such a love and I am so happy that she is a part of our family now.

daisies - Wednesday, 5 September, 2007 - 9:07

awwwww ~ jenny is adorable : ) absolutely beautiful!!

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