Wiped Out

Totally exhausted today. Took my second dose of misoprostol Sunday night and it worked this time. It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it was first time I had taken it for my first miscarriage (when it felt like I was hemorrhaging for eight hours), but it’s still clear that it worked. Plus, I have to remember that this time I found out I was pregnant after already having had my period, plus I had several days of spotting and light bleeding at the beginning, so there probably just wasn’t as much to come out. I’ll go in next week for an ultrasound and a blood test to see how my hormones are dropping.

Yesterday was a pretty hard day, mainly because I was home alone, and I think my hormones are going down and therefore leaving me a weepy, snotty mess. Plus I made the mistake of watching “Knocked Up”, and all those ultrasound shots of babies kicking and heartbeats thumping really didn’t do much for my self esteem.

I felt better enough in the evening for Hawk and I to go out and grab some dinner, so that was nice. While we were eating, I told him I’d been thinking some more about finishing up my diploma in Aromatherapy that I started on, like three years ago. A friend of mine is an acupuncturist and she keeps wanting to refer her clients to me, but I don’t want her to until I’m officially certified and registered with the Aromatherapy Registration Council, but haven’t taken any more steps to become so. So I decided to take the last two classes I need to get my diploma, then I can take the registration exam. I called my school today and signed up for “Holistic Pathology and Protocols” and “Holistic Health Consulting & Business Skills”. The first one starts in March, the second in June, and they are both three month classes. So, by mid September, I will have all my coursework done and can start preparing to take the exam! So that’s exciting.

Off to take a nap…

schmoops - Wednesday, 13 February, 2008 - 10:09

i am sorry you were having a weepy day but am so excited to hear you are opening another door. how exciting that you are going to finish your classes and i will know an aromatherapist. i love it!!!

sari - Wednesday, 13 February, 2008 - 11:40

I hope you’re feeling better. Congratulations on finishing your schooling! I think that’s great.

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