Okay, I admit it…

I’m jealous.

My boss just told us this morning that she is pregnant and expecting a baby in December.  I am THRILLED for her and can’t wait to cuddle and play with her squishy baby when he/she gets here.  She also had a miscarriage last spring, and I am always happy for women who had a previous loss who then go on to have healthy babies, because it gives me hope that I will be so lucky one day.

But, of course, I’m jealous.  Even though at this moment I am not ready to start trying again and am enjoying my life child-free, I am still jealous.  There is that little tug in my gut that is so familiar, that still happens when I see a pregnant belly or a smiling baby.  I know my time will come, and Hawk and I have started talking about trying again, not quite yet, but maybe this summer.

But right now, at this moment…


sari - Tuesday, 29 April, 2008 - 5:49

your time will come!

i hope that your boss has a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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