A Little About Me

My name is Miranda.  Hi!

I grew up in the San Francisco bay area.

I live in Los Angeles with Hawk, my husband of ten years, our daughter, Áine (pronounced Ahn-ya) and our dog Daisy May.

We welcomed our Áine on January 27, 2009.  Before my pregnancy with her, I had two miscarriages and wrote about the experiences quite a bit here on my blog.

I like to take pictures.  All the pictures you see here, unless otherwise noted (or if I am in them), were taken by me.

If you would like to email me, write me at athena71477@gmail *dot* com

Liz Reynoso- SF - Monday, 8 March, 2010 - 13:48

I just stumbled across your pictures as I surfed the web. Your pictures are awsome! I wish I could take that type of pictures of my girls right now that they’re little as you do of your precious angel. Can I ask you what kind of camera do you use? I would love to learn to take pictures like you do but I figure it takes a good camera first.
Take care and best wishes. Congratulations on your little one, I know after the loses, you appriate what you have a lot more. I too lost my first but the good Lord blessed me with four girls. I love them more each day and the work it takes to raise them doesn’t compare the the joy they bring us (my husband and I) every day. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

pen* - Monday, 8 March, 2010 - 14:21

hi miranda

i’ve followed your blog on and off for some time now (i can’t believe how big Áine is now!) and i am so excited you are on the spring unravelling course; so i thought i would just pop by and say hi!

i look forward to unravelling with you 🙂

Athena714 - Friday, 12 March, 2010 - 15:16

Hi pen! How cool that we’re both taking Unravelling! I’m enjoying it so far, how about you! Thanks for dropping in!

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